Feminine Hygiene - Advice & Tips for Vulvar Skin Care, Vaginal Hygiene

Feminine Hygiene

The personal care and maintenance of the vulvar and vaginal tissues is important for overall women’s health. Feminine hygiene includes many of the aspects that a woman can perform on a daily basis including: the clothes that she wears, the type of detergent or lubricant she uses or the way she cleanses the vulvar tissue. Lifestyle choices can help maintain healthy vaginal and vulvar tissues.

Sometimes exercise plans may need to be modified if they irritate the vulvar tissues. For instance, activities which put direct pressure on the vulva, like biking or bike-spinning, can cause direct pressure on the tissues and may need to be avoided in certain circumstances when the vulva is irritated. Some other tips include being careful when choosing soaps, laundry detergent and sexual lubricants/ moisturizers as they all can affect the health of the pelvic tissues. Start reading labels and consider organic products with minimal additives.

Vaginal self examination and vulvar self examinations are an integral part of feminine hygiene for they allow a woman to recognize her own unique anatomy and help her monitor the normal architecture of her vulva and vagina. Examining the tissues and skin, as well as noting the color, odor and normal physiological discharge, will help to distinguish normal from abnormal. Following this advice will provide early recognition of vulvar or vaginal changes, whether in discharge, color or odor coupled with other symptoms which leads to early detection.

Vulvar hygiene

Vulvar skin care is an important aspect in overall genital pelvic health. This refers to how a woman should take care of the vulvar tissue and some precautions to consider to prevent damage or irritation to these tissues. Many women remain unaware of the correct way to care for the vaginal and vulvar tissues on a day to day basis.

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Vaginal hygiene

The way a woman takes care of her vaginal tissue is important for overall genitopelvic health. The vagina has bacteria within it and the delicate balance between the bacteria help minimize vaginal infections. The ridges and folds (rugea) of the vagina assist in pliability and stretchability of the vaginal lining which can be affected by medications and sex steroid hormones. 

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