Vaginal Hygiene - Advice & Tips for Vaginal Hygiene

Vaginal hygiene

The way a woman takes care of her vaginal tissue is important for overall genitopelvic health. The vagina has bacteria within it and the delicate balance between the bacteria help minimize vaginal infections. The ridges and folds (rugea) of the vagina assist in pliability and stretchability of the vaginal lining which can be affected by medications and sex steroid hormones. 

Sometimes the vaginal tissues can be irritated or inflamed as a result of a variety of conditions or medications. Menopause, for instance, may cause vaginal dryness which can lead to dry flat and pale vaginal lining or tissues. Some medications may also affect the vaginal tissues.

Many women are concerned about how to keep the vagina tissues healthy and free of disease. There is controversy about whether vaginal douching is helpful or hurtful for vaginal health.  Vaginal care during intercourse and washing guidelines are also important. The concern over vaginal odor and discharge is also an important aspect in overall general genitopelvic health.

A complete understanding of vaginal hygiene along with the technique of how to perform a detailed vaginal self assessment are both very important components for the overall genitopelvic health.


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