Managing Your Sex Life & Relationships - Painful Sex, Vaginal Pain

Sex life & Relationships

When you are suffering from vulvar or vaginal symptoms, it can impact your relationship and have an impact on the sexual intimacy between you and your partner. Vaginal and sexual pain should not be ignored. Vaginal health and vaginal care are important for your overall health and sexual wellness. Your time may have been occupied with seeking out health care professionals who are aware and able to diagnose your medical condition. Your work environment may have been impacted since you have required much time off of work for medical appointments and follow ups. Some women may even find that their finances have been directly impacted by many medical bills.

Relationship concerns and your sexual life may also have been impacted by your vaginal and vulvar conditions. Your spouse may feel frustrated by your medical condition as it has impacted your sex life. Sexual pain and vaginal pain or discomfort can take its toll on your love life. You may feel distant or depressed about how your relationship has been affected, but there are some helpful suggestions to help maintain sexual vitality during the course of treatment and recovery.  

Some tips to improve your sex life  include: communication skills, implementing simple solutions and addressing fatigue and stress are important to improve painful sexual relationships.  You may need to redefine your sexual script and talk it out with your partner to maintain the intimacy. Vaginal pain can also be a difficult hurdle for a couple to address. Sometimes professional healthcare from a sexuality specialist is important.

Relationship concerns also may be an important factor in your overall recovery. Talking it out, gaining some level of acceptance and learning some effective communication skills, while maintaining sensuality,will be helpful to keep your relationship thriving. Addressing your sex life and relationship can help you and your partner achieve a better sex life and improved sexual satisfaction.



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