Swollen Vagina - Possible Causes of Swollen Vagina

Swollen Vagina

Women who are completing regular vaginal and vulvar examinations may notice that the vaginal and vulvar tissues may change in shape and color depending on the  time during their menstrual cycle. Some notice large shifts in color, shape and size while others rarely notice any change due to the hormonal shifts or changes. Sometimes the vagina or vulva may appear swollen or larger, appearing more thickened or enlarged. Changes in lymphatic drainage or blood flow may also be associated with a swollen vulva. This puffiness and distended appearance can cause discomfort and irritation. It also may be associated with a variety of medical conditions, and if not resolved in a few days or if associated with other symptoms like itchiness, burning or discharge, a medical evaluation is warranted. 

There are glands located at the opening of the vagina and if they become blocked or inflamed the vagina may appear swollen. Bartholin's cysts or abscesses may be present. Vigorous sexual activity may bruise or cause some trauma to the vagina and it may be swollen, tender and painful. An allergic reaction can cause the vagina to swell. Seminal fluid hypersensitivity or sperm allergy has been known to cause swelling of the vagina and vulva with associated burning, itchiness and pain.

The vagina and vulva area may also change color and increase in size and appear to be swollen as a result of the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy. The vulva may become swollen before and during child birth.



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