Vaginal Irritation - Possible Causes of Vaginal Irritations

Vaginal Irritation

Vaginal irritation is an abnormal sensation which may be associated with inflammation and itchiness. Vaginal irritation is often associated with vaginal discomfort and may be associated with infections like yeast or bacterial infections. Sexually transmitted infections like genital warts, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia may also be associated with vaginal irritation and burning and can have serious medical consequences if left untreated.

Vaginal discharge which may be thin and yellowy or thick and white cottage cheese-like may also cause vaginal irritation. The vaginal tissues are sensitive to chemicals, and if an allergy or sensitivity has occurred to certain products like moisturizers, lubricants, creams or latex condoms, a woman may complain of vaginal irritation.

Drop in vaginal hormones associated with the menopause or other conditions like chronic oral contraceptive use, chronic anti-histamine use or breast feeding may cause the vagina to be dry and more sensitive. Dry vaginal tissue with less lubrication may also become sensitive and irritated.

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