Burning Vulva - Possible Causes of Burning Vulva (Vulvar Burning)

Burning Vulva

Vulvar burning may be described as complete or partial numbness or the feeling of pins and needles that are pricking the vulvar skin. Some women report a burning feeling or a decreased sensation of the tissues. Others report numbness and lack of feeling in this area. Some women may note that the vulvar tissue may become especially sensitive to touch while others report distressing heightened sensitivity in the vuvlar area. Many women report the inability to wear undergarments as clothes that even gently touch the skin may exacerbate the burning sensation.

Severe burning of the vuvlar tissues can directly impact a woman’s quality of life; it is not uncommon to report that activities of daily living, including wearing pants, leg crossing or even walking may have become distressing. Some common causes of tingling or burning in the vulva may include: vuvlar vestibulitis, nerve damage or injury (pressure or injury directly placed on the nerves), diabetic neuropathy or more serious conditions, including multiple sclerosis.

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