Lichen Planus Diagnosis - How to Diagnose Lichen Planus?

Lichen Planus diagnosis

Your vulvar specialist will often make the diagnosis based on history and physical examination. It is important to record and report all your symptoms to the provider to assist in an accurate diagnosis. A detailed and specialized examination of the vulvar skin will take place.  Sometimes specialized testing may be indicated, including a vulvoscopy.The health care professional should also do an oral cavity examination to look at the teeth, gums and surrounding tissues to make sure there is no mouth involvement.

Patients may report severe painful intercourse, and a narrow vaginal opening. Genital cultures may be necessary to rule out vaginitis.  Lichen planus may co exist with lichen sclerosus, especially in the late stages of the disease where anatomical changes have taken place.

Although a vulvar biopsy is non specific, it may help to rule out other conditions. Hepatitis C testing maybe warranted.  Allergy tests maybe performed to see if there is a specific agent that has contributed to the development of the disease.



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