Vulvar Dystrophy Treatment - How to Cure, Treat Vulvar Dystrophy?

Vulvar dystrophy treatment

Vulvar dystrophy requires long-term treatment with creams or ointments that are rubbed into the vulvar tissue. If you have squamous cell hyperplasia or lichen simplex chronicus, your health care professional may prescribe a high potency topical corticosteroid cream that is put  on the vulvar area a couple of times a day for several weeks. The cream should be rubbed into the genital area for approximately 2 minutes.

It is important to remove all irritants or allergens. Sitz baths may be helpful as well. Good vulvar hygiene is also helpful to minimize symptoms. Read more about vulvar hygiene.

Medications like Amitriptyline (10-50mg) may be helpful at night to prevent sleep itchiness. Ice may soothe the area as well. Dr Andrew Goldstein, a world expert and vulvar specialist, has researched the use of pimecrolimus, instead of corticosteroid for lichen simplex chronicus.

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